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K-State Recruiting Update: 1/20/14

Jon takes a look at what's happened recently on the recruiting trail.

Is there a Snyder Bump now?
Is there a Snyder Bump now?
Jamie Squire

What's been going on for the last month? Not a lot for most of it, as we were in a quiet period. That, however, ended last Wednesday and things have been breaking loose over the last five days. Here's a rundown:

Alex Delton's still lurking out there. The Hays QB took part in the Under Armor All-America Combine, popping a 4.55 40 among other decent numbers. K-State is still the only school that's actually offered him, and according to 247's data he's most interested in staying in-state.

A bunch of guys who've shown some interest in K-State particilated in the US Army National Combine in San Antonio on January 3. None of them have any ratings yet, or for that matter any offers, so we won't worry ourselves over them yet. On the same day, however, two more important things happened: Randall Cunningham II put USC on top of his list, and -- switching to basketball for a moment -- SF C. J. Williamson, a 2015 grad from Evans (Orlando, FL), made an unofficial visit to Manhattan. Williamson also holds offers from South Florida, St. John's, Texas, and a few mid-majors; he currently seems most interested in K-State and Louisville (which hasn't offered him yet).

Justin Hughes, a 2014 3-star OLB from Tucker, Ga. (6'0" 205), committed to the Cats on January 10. He's not a big flashy get, but that means little in the Snyder system. Hughes chose K-State over Georgia State, Syracuse, and UAB. Interestingly, and this will restart an old debate but with a new twist, Hughes was only a two-star until K-State offered him. Hmmmm.

Last week, the staff offered a scholarship to Miguel Machado, a 6'6" 290 OT from Pasadena City College who runs a 4.9 40. Machado's already committed to Washington State, and holds a slew of other offers. But it appears his commitment might be somewhat open; the day after receiving his offer from K-State, he took an official visit to Purdue.

JUCO CB Darius White, who'd committed to K-State then suddenly decommitted due to what were assumed to be grade issues, took an official visit to California last week, which makes no sense at all if grades really were the problem. On the same day, Aaron Sharp took his official trip to UCLA (which reportedly didn't go well, as he was there with a passel of other quarterbacks), and K-State commit Jesse Mack made his official visit to Manhattan.

Finally, just yesterday Dominique Robertson, a 2014 JUCO OT from Riverside CC (Calif.) who checks in at 6'5" 300, committed to the Wildcats. That news was followed by the big hammer: four-star DT Terrell Clinkscales, a 6'4" 310 beast from Dodge City CC, flipped his commitment from Nebraska to K-State. Clinkscales may have some academic issues to sort out -- somewhat complicated by the fact that he's already used his redshirt, though he'll still have three years of eligibility remaining -- but it's a big catch nonetheless. Unverified word is that Clinkscales pulled a couple of incompletes in the fall, and still needs 24 credits this spring and summer; that information is, of course, entirely speculative and should be taken with the requisite block of salt. Obviously, nobody publicly reporting on this knows the real details.