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The National at Midweek, 10/31/12: Discussion Thread.

All the news that's unfit to be printed.

Jamie Squire

Once again, lunchtime Wednesday rolls around with some things not yet available; we're still missing the Alphabetical and TWIS, as well as the Heisman Horse Race. But we've got some fun pieces to tide you over.

In addition to the Numerical and the Hot Seat Watch from Bill Connelly, we have the BlogPoll breakdown (Andy Hutchins), BCS analysis (Samuel Chi), and bowl projections (Jason Kirk). Bob Lynch at Red Cup Rebellion has a chat with Wright Thompson about "Ghosts of Ole Miss", Bud Elliott talks about JUCO recruiting with a nod toward K-State, and Matt Hinton discusses the mid-majors. Spencer Hall lashes out at sportswriters who use "stay classy" as a crutch, and Bill Connelly wants a playoff and he wants it right now. We've also got two Shutdown Fullbacks and a CFB Hangout for you to watch.

Once the missing pieces fall into place, we'll have them up in the hub as well.

One last bit, which I can't put in the hub because it's not SB Nation content, but which is required reading nonetheless: Grantland's Michael Weinrib writes about Bill Snyder and Collin Klein.