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The National at Midweek, 10/24/12: Discussion Thread.

Take a gander at the best of this week's content from the Mothership, then express your outrage. Or just chat about it.

This man may be less than honest, but we can't blame him.
This man may be less than honest, but we can't blame him.
Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

This week's collection is a little light so far; This Week in Schadenfreude, the Alphabetical, and the midweek Shutdown Fullback aren't around yet. But we've still got the Numerical and a couple of other pieces from the proflic Bill Connelly, yet another in a series of wonderful pieces of reporting from roving vagabond Steven Godfrey, this time regarding Gene Chizik's rapidly-declining future, Bobby Big Wheel's defense of rushing the field, the BlogPoll, and a bilious expression of disgust regarding the lackluster Hawkeyes Everything courtesy of Patrick Vint at BHGP.

Also, although not presented here in any form, a shoutout to ME for absolutely and perfectly nailing the true circumstances of the Oregon/KSU cancellation. Yes, I am gloating.