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SLATE: Here we go again

Someone decided it was time to give the realignment machine a test start to see if it’s still working.

SCOTUS strikes down NCAA limits on educational benefits

Kavanaugh questions legality of compensation rules in concurring opinion.

College Football Playoff moves toward 12-team field

Proposal calls for top 6 conference champions plus 6 at-large bids.

Slate: Yet another shock in the sports world

Plus K-State lost yet again last night.

K-State moves up to #16 in both polls

And points-wise, they’re alllll alone.

Reacts: LSU in the hot seat

K-State scared Oklahoma, but LSU got it worse.

2019 NCAA College Basketball Championship: Open Game Thread

The Red Raiders are in the championship game for the first time ever, can they make they Big 12 proud?

Slate: Football time in MHK

It’s time for football pro day, where Wildcat athletes will hope to prove themselves before NFL scouts. And for the first time, it will be open to the media. Plus, football’s spring practice opens today!

No. 1 NDSU vs No. 3 EWU: NCAA D1 Football Championship Open Game Thread

Chris Klieman leads the Bison for one final time before heading south to Manhattan.

Slate: Basketball kicks off Big 12 conference play tonight

Plus bowl games and other (non-K-State) football news

Big 12 Roundup: Kansas did what?!

The last two weeks were mostly good to the Big 12 conference.

Big 12 Roundup: Of ‘Eers and Texas tears

We round up the first week of action in the Big 12

PREGAME INFO: Villanova/Michigan

Well, at least there are Wildcats playing for it all, and they aren’t even from Kentucky.


Good guys, meh guys, and bad guys. Tonight has it all.

Friday Sweet-16 Open Game Thread

In which, for one glorious evening, K-State fans get to bask in the splendor of other fans’ angst.

Sunday NCAA Open Thread

In keeping with our status as the villains of the day, let’s hope Cinderella is dead.

Saturday NCAA Open Thread

Today, we are all Bulls and Ramblers.

Friday NCAA Open Thread

There’s only one set of Wildcats today, but there seem to be a lot of Bison roaming around.

Late Thursday NCAA Open Thread

Wildcats all over the place, plus Lumberjacks!

Early Thursday NCAA Open Thread

Sooners start off the festivities, with Kansas right in the middle of the early shift.

Dear Selection Committee...

It’s not just K-State. All across the country, there’s a dearth of marquee home-game matchups. But the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee could change that.

Sugar Bowl Live Thread

They’re at it again.

Peach/Rose Bowls Live Thread

Doubling up due to a 4pm conflict.

Orange Bowl Live Thread

We’re not sure there’s even anyone to root for here.

Fiesta Bowl Live Thread

With the first NY6 game in the books, the Big Ten tries to go 2-0.

Live Thread - Taxslayer/Liberty Bowls

It’s the final CFB Saturday of 2017. Let’s get crazy!

Week 10 Evening Thread

Three games matching top-25 teams, plus TCU, UCF, and Washington in action

Friday Night Open Thread

CUSA-East is poised for a scramble, while the Rams could take charge out west.

Thursday Night Open Thread

There’s something for everyone this fine evening.

Big 12 Roundup: Hubris and Hill

A big upset and a big beatdown marked Week 6 in the Big 12.

Big 12 Roundup: So near, yet so far

Week 4 was almost the week of the underdog. ALMOST.

Thursday Night Open Thread

It’s the most wonderful time of someone’s year.