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March Through Time

Looking back at the history of intercollegiate athletics at K-State, a year at a time.

K-State athletics: NFL Wildcats before 1925

We missed some things over the last few days. We’re playing catch-up.

KSAC athletics, 1923-24: Charles Corsaut arrives

A new coach for two sports.

KSAC athletics, 1922-23: Memorial Stadium, WILDCATS

The Wildcats broke in their new home with a pretty good campaign.

KSAC athletics, 1921-22: basketball faceplants

A horrible year all-around at least ended with stadium construction.

KSAC athletics, 1920-21: Charlie Bachman arrives

E.A. Knoth’s lone season as basketball coach, and the beloved Mike Ahearn begins a 27-year tenure as K-State’s athletic director.

KSAC athletics, 1919-20: Clevenger’s last ride

KSAC’s first athletic director suddenly resigned at year’s end.

KSAC athletics, 1918-19: two post-war titles

In the wake of peace, the Farmers rebuild; the story of Germany Schulz

KSAC athletics, 1917-18: War takes its toll

Declining enrollment leads to no baseball at all, and the death of Lieutenant Eddie Wells saddens campus

KSAC athletics 1916-1917: Enter Zora Clevenger

Basketball wins the Valley just before America finally becomes engulfed in World War I.

KSAC athletics, 1915-16: Wildcats for a season

New traditions, some maintained and others delayed.

KSAC athletics, 1914-15: Lowman’s end

The athletic program overall hit its lowest ebb of the pre-World War II era.

KSAC athletics, 1913-14: the Valley

Basketball stays above water, but football and baseball suffer.

KSAC athletics, 1912-13: goodbye, KCAC

With a move to the big time looming, the Aggies plowed Kansas.

KSAC athletics, 1911-12: Lowman era begins

Ahearn stepped aside, but things kept rolling.

KSAC athletics, 1910-11: Ahearn’s farewell

An argument for a national championship

KSAC athletics, 1909-10

Football and baseball posted elite results, and basketball suddenly got better

KSAC athletics, 1908-09

Football leaves Kansas for the first time, while every Aggie team had a winning season.

KSAC athletics, 1907-08

Basketball stunk. Football and baseball maintained their progress, though.

KSAC athletics, 1906-07

Baseball claims a crown and football beats Kansas.

KSAC athletics, 1905-06: Ahearn

Basketball returns to the calendar, too.

KSAC athletics, 1904-05

Another six-game skid ushered in an era of stability.

KSAC athletics, 1903-04

Baseball continued to be decent, while football gave false hope.

KSAC athletics, 1902-03

It was awful, but basketball was finally on campus.

KSAC athletics, 1901-02

The great faceplant of 1901.

KSAC athletics, 1900-01

Bad football, but baseball showed signs of life.

KSAC athletics, 1899-1900

With the turn of the century came a new paradigm.

KSAC athletics, 1898-99

K-State football’s first .500 season

KSAC athletics, 1897-98

Expanding the schedules was necessary, but costly.

KSAC Athletics, 1896-97: For real, this time

The first real “intercollegiate” contests, although not against real “colleges”...

KSAC athletics, 1893-94

Beginning BotC’s most ambitious and outrageous project ever.


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