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2016 NCAA Tournament: Women's Brackets Revealed

Will there ever be a true Cinderella??

One of these coaches will likely make the Final Four...okay, it's Kim Mulkey
One of these coaches will likely make the Final Four...okay, it's Kim Mulkey
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

No surprises at the top as the top overall seed is #1, and undefeated, UConn, followed by the next three in the rankings as Baylor, Notre Dame, and South Carolina round out the other three 1-seeds. Tennessee also continues their streak of being selected for every NCAA women's tournament ever, quite a run for the Lady Volunteers.

Your Kansas State Wildcats are a 9-seed in the Sioux Falls Region, playing George Washington in Columbia, SC with the winner to face South Carolina (well, technically the winner of SC/Jacksonville, but c'mon...). Joining K-State and Baylor from the Big 12 in the Big Dance are 2-seed Texas, 6-seed West Virginia (also in the Sioux Falls Region), 6-seed Oklahoma, and 7-seed Oklahoma St.

For those that don't follow the women's tournament too closely, the NCAA went back to having the top four seeds in each regional host the first and second round games. However, Michigan St. was unable to host due to an event conflict, so Mississippi St. will get to host in their place as the 5-seed.

Here's the full bracket:

(1) Connecticut SAT - Storrs, CA (1) Baylor FRI - Waco, TX
(16) Robert Morris (16) Idaho
(8) Seton Hall (8) St. John's
(9) Duquesne (9) Auburn
(4) Michigan St. FRI - Starkville, MS (4) Texas A&M SAT - College Station, TX
(13) Belmont (13) Missouri St.
(5) Mississippi St. (5) Florida State
(12) Chattanooga (12) Middle Tenn. St.
(2) Texas SAT - Austin, TX (2) Oregon St. FRI - Corvalis, OR
(15) Alabama St. (15) Troy
(7) BYU (7) Oklahoma St.
(10) Missouri (10) St. Bonaventure
(3) UCLA SAT - Los Angeles, CA (3) Louisville FRI - Louisville, KY
(14) Hawaii (14) Central Arkansas
(6) South Florida (6) DePaul
(11) Colorado St. (11) James Madison
(1) Notre Dame SAT - South Bend, IN (1) South Carolina FRI - Columbia, SC
(16) North Carolina A&T (16) Jacksonville
(8) Georgia (8) Jacksonville
(9) Indiana (9) Kansas State
(4) Stanford SAT - Stanford, CA (4) Syracuse FRI - Syracuse, NY
(13) San Francisco (13) Army
(5) Miami (5) Florida
(12) South Dakota St. (12) Albany
(2) Maryland SAT - College Park, MD (2) Arizona St. FRI - Tempe, AZ
(15) Iona (15) New Mexico St.
(7) Washington (7) Tennessee
(10) Pennsylvania (10) Green Bay
(3) Kentucky SAT - Lexington, KY (3) Ohio State FRI - Columbus, OH
(14) UNC Asheville (14) Buffalo
(6) Oklahoma (6) West Virginia
(11) Purdue (11) Princeton