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Behind the Scenes of National Signing Day 2017: Aidan Mills

His status took a couple of days to solidify, but he’s on board now.

Confetti! Yay!
Confetti! Yay!
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

As reported in this morning’s Slate, Newton (Kan.) offensive lineman Aidan Mills is now officially a member of the 2017 Wildcat recruiting class. Earlier in the week, Gracey Terrill had a chance to touch base with him and ask some burning — maybe even spicy — questions.

Gracey Terrill: With the success of the 2016 Kansas State team, how are you feeling going into the 2017 season?

Aidan Mills: I'm feeling great about the upcoming season. I can’t wait to get up there and start putting in work with all my brothers. They have a great team for next year and are going to have a successful season!

GT: The excitement throughout the K-State fanbase for the 2017 season is already building and the season is so far away, what are you looking forward to most about playing for K-State?

AM: I'm most excited about the atmosphere at the games. I've been to quite a few and the fans are amazing! Also getting to play for a highly respected and successful coach like Coach Snyder is really exciting!

GT: You recently went on your official visit to Kansas State… what were your overall thoughts? Favorite spot on campus?

AM: I had an amazing time on my official visit, my host was really cool and I got to meet a lot of the linemen there. They were really nice to me, and made me feel right at home. I'm really looking forward to the years to come. My favorite spot would have to be Varsity Donuts so far, the food is really good, but I might end up changing my mind when I spend a little more time on campus.

GT: There has been some talk with members of the 2017 commitment class about doing a Blazin’ Challenge at Buffalo Wild Wings... would you be down for some team bonding over wings?

AM: I love Buffalo Wild Wings but I'm kind of a spice wuss. I would be down to try but I don't think I could even finish one.

GT: One last question, if you could share one reason that you are excited to be part of the K-State family with other recruits… what would it be?

AM: I would say I'm excited to be a part of a great program like K-State with the best fan base and coaches you could ask for! You won't find another college or town that's more committed to its players than K-state!

Aidan is expected to redshirt this fall as he recovers from off-season surgery, but keep an eye out for him in 2018!