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Behind the Scenes of National Signing Day 2017: Danny Walker

With a new commitment to Kansas State, outside linebacker Danny Walker is all in for the Wildcats.

With the official announcement earlier this month, outside linebacker Danny Walker has committed to Kansas State and is ready to be part of the K-State family. Not only did Walker choose Kansas State over the multiple other offers, Walker decided to change his commitment from Nevada to Kansas State this month. Not only is this a solid addition to the 2017 commitment crew, (that I’ve nicknamed #spicyboyz) Kansas State needs some depth at linebacker with the departure of Elijah Lee and Charmeachealle Moore. While Walker might not see immediate action, he will have the ability to develop with some of the best defensive talent in the Big 12.

Between the hype of National Signing Day and real life, we caught up briefly with Walker to discuss incoming excitement surrounding this commitment class and of course... the Blazin’ Challenge. In case you are completely lost by this, check out the origin of this madness in my interview with Ben Adler, Harrison Creed, Sammy Wheeler and Josh Rivas. The overall concept is teammate bonding with a competitive edge... the Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin’ Challenge. So far? Split decision with some for the idea and some against. The best quote of the bunch was from Rivas with “A little heat never hurt anybody.” Poetic, really.

Gracey Terrill: With the success of the 2016 Kansas State team, how are you feeling going into the 2017 season?

Danny Walker: I'm pumped to be part of a great team who had a lot of success last year and has high expectations for the 2017 season.

GT: The excitement throughout the K-State fanbase for the 2017 season is already building and the season is so far away, what are you looking forward to most about playing for K-State?

DW: The crazy atmosphere at games and playing against some of the best schools in the country.

GT: There has been some talk with fellow members of the 2017 commitment class about doing a Blazin’ Challenge at Buffalo Wild Wings... would you be down for some team bonding over wings?

DW: Yes maybe not blazin' but I'm down for some wings.

GT: One last question, if you could share one reason that you are excited to be part of the K-State family with other recruits… what would it be?


There you have it, another vote in favor (somewhat) of the Blazin’ Challenge and another stellar commit to add to this year’s 2017 class. Welcome to the #FAMILY and we can’t wait to see your inevitable success on and off the field.