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TBT Tournament: Cartier Diarra Back in Purple

Guess Who’s Back, Carti’s Back...

Kansas State v TCU Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Last week I featured Kam Stoke’s and his exploits in Europe. Today I’m looking at Cartier Diarra, one of my personal favorite players. I know naming Carti as one of my personal favorites may be a bit...controversial, but he’s a South Carolina guy like me, and I support my folks. Also, I love the way he plays. He’s a bit, shall we say, reckless, but so am. Also, I’m a huge swag appreciator and he has swag for days.

College Career

*Note: He played 4 games with Virginia Tech last season. I don’t have the time to tease out those stats, which is why I’m going “college career” instead of Kansas State career.


(Stats Per Game)

Minutes: 26.5

Points: 9

Assists: 2.6

Rebounds: 3.1

Steals: 1.1

2-Point Percentage: 50%

3-Point Percentage: 34%

Post K-State

He played 4 games at Virginia Tech and then opted out. He subsequently announced an end to his college career. I don’t know guys, it doesn’t make any sense to me, but I’m not in a position to judge someone else’s life choices. I’m just glad I get to watch him in the TBT.

Fond Memories

What He Brings to the TBT

He’s the yang to Kam Stoke’s yin. He’s the epitome of chaotic good, and his playing style is perfectly suited for a wide open tournament like the TBT. All of the things that occasionally made you pull your hair out (my apologizes to my fellow non-hair havers for the insensitivity) about his game under Bruce could be assets.

This isn’t a tournament where you run a bunch of intricate sets while burning clock. You won’t see much aimless screening around the perimeter in an effort to look busy while counting down the seconds until you’re allowed to shoot. In the TBT, the defensive rotations aren’t as crisp, and the refs don’t reward every falling defender with a charge. Dare I say, the TBT is interested in putting out an entertaining product, and most people don’t find defenders running under driving players entertaining. The lane is going to be open, and Carti is going to take it to he hoop and try and put someone on a poster. I expect to see a few car crashes at the rim.

On defense, you’re expected to guard your man, and jump passing lanes. Those are both things he does exceptionally well. He’ll have to pick and choose when to gamble, and might give up the occasional layup, but if he gets two open dunks to every backdoor layup, the Purple and Black will take it all game long.

Don’t Forget to Register for the Bracket Challenge

I’d love to get a few more brackets before tip tomorrow. It’s quick, easy, and you can win some sweet shoes.

Here’s the link

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