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Wesley Iwundu receives 2017 NBA Combine invite

We know what we’re doing in two weeks now.

Can #25 impress like Jordan Willis did?
Can #25 impress like Jordan Willis did?
Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

The official list from the NBA will not be released until next week, but we can confirm that Wesley Iwundu will be participating in the 2017 NBA Combine, to be held May 9-14 in Chicago.

How can we confirm it? The easiest way possible, from the horse’s mouth:

This is solid news for Iwundu, as only 65 players are receiving invitations, and not that many of those 65 are actually graduating seniors.

Of course, this means that our staff, who were looking forward to some (relative) downtime after this weekend, have to spin up for more work. So stay tuned and join us in a couple of weeks as we keep tabs on Wes and his quest to play at the next level.