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Purple and Black Fall to Pedro's Posse 84-70

Kansas State’s alumni lose second game at TBT.

July 17th, 2016: Post Game Press Conference at The Basketball Tournament
Gracey Terrill

Kansas State Men’s Basketball alumni got together this weekend for a chance to win two million dollars in a one and done tournament similar to March Madness. The Basketball Tournament offers anyone a chance to win, you just have to get past the very talented rosters they boast year after year. Winning their first game on Saturday over The Region, Purple and Black appeared to have found their rhythm and looked confident going into today’s matchup. Unfortunately, they fell short in more ways than one, dropping an 84-70 decision.

Starting on a 9-0 run, Purple and Black looked fresh on their feet for Game 2 of The Basketball Tournament on Sunday. Not only were they missing original members Curtis Kelly, Thomas Gipson and Wally Judge, but the team lost Jordan Henriquez to overseas travel after Game 1 on Saturday. With his performance on Saturday, a double-double with 10 points and 11 rebounds, Henriquez’s rim protection and height were sorely missed from the starting five.

With the bench barren, Purple and Black had to compete against a seemingly endless supply of energy from Pedro’s Posse. During the first half, the remaining five guys played the duration of 18 minutes and had no chance to rest. The momentum seemed to be mostly in their opponent’s hands when Pedro’s Posse went on a 25-9 run, until Purple and Black brought it back within one point at halftime. The team banked on Lance Harris to put up 11 points in the first half with Demetri McCamey scoring 10 points as well.

The second half showed signs of exhaustion and defeat early on without the strong leadership between Henriquez and Pullen -- and more importantly, Henriquez’s height. Without the ability to block and protect the rim, Purple and Black fell behind and couldn’t catch up. Lance Harris finished with 22 points, leading the scoring for the team, but that was unfortunately not enough to make the comeback to survive and advance. The Purple and Black team fell to Pedro’s Posse, ultimately sent home in Round Two.

Check out the post game press conference here:

I also got to meet Jason Williams, a fellow Bob Huggins fan.

Overall, The Basketball Tournament was a great time and a well put together event. We are looking forward to seeing what Purple and Black has in store for next year!