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Creighton officially welcomes Marcus Foster... without explanation

I suspect Greg McDermott's next press conference might be entertaining.

Does Foster get to learn to play point guard now?
Does Foster get to learn to play point guard now?
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

As we've known for a few days now, former K-State shooting guard Marcus Foster is on his way to Omaha. Today, the Bluejays officially announced Foster's addition to the program, and in so doing provided virtually no insight as to why they provided Foster with a soft landing.

We are excited to add Marcus to the Creighton basketball family. He is a young man that my staff and I have known for a long time who is a very good basketball player. He comes from a great family and we expect him to make a significant impact upon our program in the years to come.

That is the extent of the commentary from Creighton head coach Greg McDermott, and it's fairly underwhelming. McDermott's statement is boilerplate, the same thing any coach says about any new signing.

Obviously, Marcus Foster is a good basketball player when he's focused and motivated. Creighton was also Foster's second choice coming out of high school, so it's an obvious landing spot as both parties had interest in one another two years ago. The burning question which McDermott's statement fails to answer, however, is why McDermott felt that Foster was the right fit now, following his troubles in Manhattan.

While a press release announcing a new addition usually isn't the place for long-winded commentary on how a coach feels about the player, the circumstances of Foster's dismissal from K-State might seem to warrant some form of statement above and beyond what was issued. It's definitely a question that wants answering, even if that answer is as simple as McDermott feeling Foster won't be a problem because he's being willing to let Foster play the game Foster wants to play. Here's hoping an intrepid reporter in Omaha pursues the question, because the answer could be extremely interesting... and perhaps inadvertently telling in regard to the K-State program as well.