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NFL DRAFT: Kansas State’s Wyatt Hubert to Cincinnati in the seventh round

A new streak begins.

Wildcats continue to infect Cincinnati
Wildcats continue to infect Cincinnati
Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images

The absence of Kansas State from the draft board only lasted one season. With the seventh pick the seventh round of today’s NFL Draft (235th overall), the Cincinnati Bengals selected edge rusher Wyatt Hubert.

BotC’s Wyatt Hubert draft profile

It’s hard to tell what this will mean for Hubert as he was the second defensive end selected by the Bengals, who also took Tulane’s Cameron Sample in the fourth round and have reportedly nabbed Marshall defensive end Darius Hodge as an undrafted free agent per Nate Bouda at The Bengals had a lot of picks this year, ten overall, and seven of them went to linemen on both sides of the ball. Clearly Cincinnati is looking for some answers in what they themselves referred to as the “Trench Draft”, so Hubert’s legendary motor is going to be his biggest asset as he tries to stick on the roster this summer.

Per both Bouda and Ryan Gosling of Pro Football Network, the Bengals also added another name of mild interest after the draft: Kansas RB Pooka Williams.

In other news from the final day of the draft, the Lions have picked up cornerback AJ Parker as an undrafted free agent, reported by both Bouda and Gosling. Briley Moore and Elijah Sullivan, both of whom were potential draftees, have yet to land.