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HALFTIME: Mississippi State 17, Kansas State 3

The battle of the line is being won handily by the bad guys.

Hey, at least something’s going right!
Hey, at least something’s going right!
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The first quarter belonged to the yellow hankies and a mysteriously bizarre overturn of a call initially ruled a fumble by Skylar Thompson.

The second was all Mississippi State as the Bulldogs took a 17-3 lead over K-State into the locker room.

We’ll dive deeper in a couple of hours, but for now the key points are that K-State’s only pretense of being in the game has been courtesy of a blissfully undisciplined Bulldog squad (seven penalties for 54 yards, at least two of which were drive-extenders) and that Mississippi State’s defensive line is simply too much for the combination of the Wildcat OL and blocking backs to handle.

Kylin Hill has outgained the entire Wildcat offense. Mississippi State has outrushed the entire Wildcat offense — even if you add in the penalty yards the Bulldogs have gifted K-State.

It’s bad, kids. Real bad.

The most positive note for K-State so far would probably have to be Duke Shelley, who’s averaged 34 yards on two kickoff returns. The Cats have yet to be penalized, which is... a welcome change from last weekend.

More later. Try to survive the second half.