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2018 NFL Draft: Byron Pringle signs with Kansas City Chiefs

It’s a move that has drawn much praise from the considerable quantity of dual-fanbase fans.

NCAA Football: Baylor at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, former Kansas State wide receiver and kick returner Byron Pringle announced via Twitter that he has signed with the Kansas City Chiefs.

The news was first reported by Terez Paylor, Chiefs beat writer for the Kansas City Star, to much excitement from the considerable number of K-State fans who are also fans of the Chiefs.

Pringle was expected to go in the last few rounds of the NFL Draft, but failed to get selected and then had the opportunity to pick up an offer from the Chiefs, who had shown interest in the 6’2”, 205lb Florida native.

The Chiefs went heavy on defense in the 2018 draft, and so far have only picked up one WR from the UDFA pool. With the addition of Pringle, the Chiefs continue to emphasize speed on the outside, and have added someone with the capability of taking some return load off of KC star Tyreek Hill.