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2017 Big 12 Media Days - TCU head coach Gary Patterson

What did Gary Patterson have to say Monday?

Can the Frogs bounce back from a deeply disappointing 2016?
Can the Frogs bounce back from a deeply disappointing 2016?
Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

We’re a day late on this, for which we apologize, but your benevolent despot’s computer died last week and he just got back up and running this morning.

After Bob Bowlsby’s content-free opening, Monday’s festivities began with TCU head coach Gary Patterson. Highlights:

Asked about the off-season progress of quarterback Kenny Hill, Patterson didn’t really allow much about Hill himself other than he’s been working on toning down the swagger. He did, however, suggest that the rest of the team let Hill down last year, saying the offensive line needed to get better, the receivers needed to catch more balls, and the defense needs to do a better job. In a later comment, he also gave himself some blame, suggesting that he hadn’t been as energized as he had in previous years due to recovery from a knee replacement.

Patterson was asked about Bob Stoops, and gave him praise. He was also asked whether he felt pressure to take over the leadership role among Big 12 coaches, but he mostly demurred. After all, we all know who the big guy is.

On the subject of the playoff, Patterson was asked his opinion on the championship game. He took the opportunity to throw shade at Ohio State, pointing out they got into a playoff without even playing in their championship game after TCU and Baylor had been told they didn’t get into one because they didn’t have one.

The offense isn’t changing much at TCU, as Patterson pointed out that Sonny Cumbie was part of the machine before taking sole control of the steering wheel this year with Doug Meacham’s departure.

KaVontae Turpin and his academic issues were addressed, with Patterson saying he’s back in good standing.

Finally, Patterson was asked his thoughts on the early signing period, and in the midst of a rambling answer pointed out that what he thinks is most important is getting kids on campus to see if they actually like being there rather than just signing with a logo.