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2017 NFL (un) Draft: Kansas State undrafted free agent tracker

Dante Barnett, Deante Burton, and Charmeachealle Moore all get more opportunities.

Dante Barnett’s getting paid.
Dante Barnett’s getting paid.
Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Draft is over, but that doesn’t mean players aren’t still being picked. Indeed, some folks will claim the post-draft scrum is the most entertaining part of the process to cover, as there’s no guaranteed announcement on which everyone can depend.

In that light, we can at this time confirm that three Wildcats have all agreed to some form of NFL deal, thanks to former Wildcat reciever/break-glass-in-case-of-emergency quarterback Kody Cook. We now have most of the details, but this post will be updated as necessary when more information becomes available:

  • Dante Barnett, safety - a cryptic Twitter conversation appeared to indicate Barnett had reached an agreement with the Arizona Cardinals, but a Facebook post indicated he’s headed to the Denver Broncos. We can confirm now that Barnett has received an invitation to Denver’s rookie camp.
  • Deante Burton, wide receiver - Burton reported via Twitter that he’s on his way to join the Atlanta Falcons. No details as to whether this is a signing or an invite.
  • Charmeachealle Moore, linebacker - The Los Angeles Chargers have officially announced that Moore will be heading to Hollyweird.

OL Terrale Johnson has also received some interest, but we cannot confirm that he’s come to an agreement with anyone at this time.