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Vegas predicting 5.5 wins for Kansas State football, give or take

South Point Sports Book drops the first set of over/under win totals for the season.

After the last game they played, who can blame Vegas?
After the last game they played, who can blame Vegas?
Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

It's that time of year when Vegas starts rolling out futures for college football, and so we go to the tape to see what South Point Sports Book has to say about K-State's chances in 2016.

South Point has the Wildcats pegged at 5.5 wins, which means if you bet the over on K-State you either win money and get a bowl game or lose money and suffer nine months of unending sadness. Five and a half seems sort of low, but then we're horribly biased here.

The lines for the other Big 12 schools see Oklahoma at 10, Baylor at 9.5, Oklahoma State at 8.5, TCU at 8, Texas Tech at 7, and Texas and West Virginia both at 6.5. Iowa State at 3.5 and Kansas at 1.5 bring up the rear.

What do you think? Who's overrated? Who's underrated? Who are you laughing at?