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Curry Sexton gets camp invite from Minnesota Vikings

Now can he impress someone?

You know there's a first down marker somewhere close by.
You know there's a first down marker somewhere close by.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Hope had sort of evaporated on this one, but suddenly out of the blue the hammer fell. K-State's other wide receiver, Curry Sexton, is getting a shot with the Minnesota Vikings.

There was widespread suspicion that if nothing else, Sexton would get a shot with the Chiefs, even if only a tryout. Perhaps that didn't happen because the Chiefs legitimately weren't interested, or perhaps Sexton or John Dorsey (or both) wanted to avoid any appearance of impropriety. That's a question for later, if ever.

Sexton rose to prominence as a junior, serving as the escape hatch for Jake Waters and beginning to demonstrate an ability to find the first-down marker. As a senior, he blossomed; 79 catches for over 1,000 yards earned him second-team All-Big 12 recognition. But being the second-best guy at a position on any team can spell doom come Draft Day and the scramble for bodies afterward.

Sexton was determined not to let that stop him, especially after being told by family members that he couldn't let the opportunity pass by after his stellar senior season. (Indeed, it wouldn't be ridiculous to speculate that Dorsey himself told his nephew to give it a go, even if the Chiefs weren't going to make a move for him.) He performed very well at K-State's pro day, notching a 4.55 in the 40 -- nothing like the 4.40 his partner Tyler Lockett ran at the combine, but a full tenth of a second faster than the guy we most often compare him to, Wes Welker, ran the 40 at his pro day coming out of Texas Tech.

Sexton's strengths are obvious. He shares Tyler Lockett's precision in running routes, if not Lockett's ability to take defensive backs out of their shoes. He has very sure hands, and he's also a master at coming back toward the quarterback once a play has exceeded its intended duration. An absolutely ridiculous percentage of Sexton's catches have been just that: looping back to get open just beyond the sticks. He's a master at this art, and the only question is whether it's a skill he can transfer to the pro game with its faster corners.

We stand by our position that Sexton is a Wes Welker clone (although we're surprised to discover he's actually faster than the All-Pro), and feel the Vikings have made a wise move by inviting him to camp. The question now is whether he'll stick.

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