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Juco QB Jonathan Banks signs with Kansas State

Jeremy Crabtree of ESPN is reporting that Contra Costa College Juco QB Jonathan Banks has signed with Kansas State.

Could another Juco QB come in to save the day?
Could another Juco QB come in to save the day?
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Late Tuesday evening, Jeremy Crabtree of's recruiting team announced via twitter that Junior College QB Jonathan Banks had committed to Kansas State

The immediate question is whether or not Banks would be part of the 2015 class or if he would be part of 2016. Crabtree was able to provide some clarification in response to a twitter question:

So there you have it. If Banks' academics check out he will become the second QB recruit of the 2015 class. Did inconsistent QB play in the spring game prompt Coach Snyder to add another QB? No one knows for sure, but it certainly does give HCBS more options coming into next season.

247sports, Rivals, and ESPN have zero information on Banks, so this could be another one of Bill Snyder's diamonds in the rough. His video shows a raw athlete who has tons of speed and can run the zone-read. His passing mechanics and touch could use some work, but given Kansas State's lack of receiving depth, and reliance in recent years on the QB run game, Banks could (and I heavily stress could) come in and make an impact right away. Overall, this is probably more of a depth move than anything else, but I'll never put it past Bill Snyder to hit the jackpot on a pick up like this.