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K-State Football: Tyler Lockett's Best Touchdown Reception of 2013

A look at each of Tyler Lockett's touchdowns from 2013, and a poll to decide which is best.

So many to choose from. Which is the best?
So many to choose from. Which is the best?
Christian Petersen

Tyler Lockett has been nothing short of fantastic in his career at K-State to this point, and fans are getting more excited by the day to see what kind of magic he can create in his senior campaign. Now that Jake Waters has a season of experience under his belt and the starting job firmly in hand, we should be seeing these two connecting plenty in the year to come.

Despite his fantastic 2013 season, Tyler will have the opportunity to put up even better stats in 2014. How you might ask? Well for starters, Lockett can hopefully be on the field for every game this coming year. Leaving the game early against Oklahoma State and not playing against Baylor put a bit of a cramp on his numbers. Then there is the fact that he wasn’t really utilized in the demolition of either Massachusetts or Kansas. That’s four games where Tyler combined to haul in five receptions for a total of 57 yards and zero touchdowns. Tyler did snag eleven touchdowns on the year, but he only scored in five games. It helps that he had three touchdowns in three separate games. Look for Tyler to be a more consistent producer this year while still going off for a few big games.

Given Bill Snyder’s tendency to take his foot of the gas when K-State is holding a large lead, it’s likely Tyler won’t be on the field late in several games. That shouldn’t matter much if he stays healthy and has a hand in putting up points early in those ball games.

Now for the fun part. Let’s take a look at each of Lockett’s touchdowns from last season and decide which one is our favorite. It may be a race for second place after 'The Move' against a certain first round NFL draft pick, but be sure to vote in the poll and let us know why in the comments.

North Dakota State


West Virgina 1


West Virginia 2


West Virginia 3


Oklahoma 1


Oklahoma 2


Oklahoma 3



Michigan 1


Michigan 2


Michigan 3


Well, those were all eleven of Tyler's touchdown receptions from 2013, and he sure made it difficult to decide which one is the best. Despite all of the fantastic options above, I'm going to go off menu and cast my vote for a reception that didn't actually go for a touchdown. My pick comes from Tyler's herculean effort against Texas.




I could have picked any one of his season high thirteen receptions in this game, but I cast my vote for his body-contorting effort at the Texas goal line late in the fourth quarter. I chose this reception because of the tone it set for the remainder of the year. Tyler showed that he's not afraid to be the go-to receiver, and he can handle the pressure of making big catches in close games. This is the kind of play that puts every defensive back in the Big 12 on notice. It shows that even if you can keep up with him (which Oklahoma showed is no easy task), Lockett has the skill and determination to shrug you off and make the catch.

Be sure to cast a vote for your favorite Tyler Lockett reception of 2013.