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2014 Big 12 Football Media Days: Kansas State Wildcats

"I'm as old as time, and that's not going to change."

Finally, the sorceror speaks.
Finally, the sorceror speaks.
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

And then came a wizard.

Bill Snyder introduced the K-State contingent, "All people I'm immensely proud of," then began taking questions.

The first question was how optimistic Snyder is based on summer reports. "My degree of optimism is negotiated daily," he said, then started talking about preparation, as he is wont to do. At the end of the comments: "Didn't tell you anything, did I?"

Snyder was then asked about Tyler Lockett's growth. "He was a reasonably mature young man when he came into our program," Snyder noted, before talking about the Lockett family as a whole. "You've got equipment managers out there wanting to turn the lights off and Tyler won't let 'em."

Asked about Ty Zimmerman's departure and how he's going to be replaced, Snyder praised Zimmerman in the way you'd expect: leadership, hard work, "director of traffic", and then didn't answer the second part.

"A game that we were supposed to win" is how Snyder referred to the North Dakota State game, probably the closest I've ever heard Snyder come to taking something for granted... at which point he then discussed how the team was taking things for granted. This, in context, was part of explaining the growth of the team through the course of the season. "I cannot recall a preparation that was as pleasing to me as the one that took place during last season," he said in reference to the bowl prep.

Asked about Jake Waters in the context of the well-known two-year starter pattern at K-State, Snyder suggested that the poor start Waters suffered was simply inexperience. "Jake is a young guy with a tremendous value system and who understands what our program is all about," Snyder said, before not really answering the question other than to suggest that he hopes Waters doesn't become too overconfident now.

Berry Tramel basically asked Snyder if he feels old, pointing out that there have been 48 head coaches in the Big 12 since Snyder came to K-State. "The age factor, I can't negotiate. It is what it is. I'm as old as time, and that's not going to change." He then recounted his career, which was odd because he usually doesn't like to talk about it, and explained that the flow of his career partially explains why he hasn't fallen by the wayside.

Snyder was then asked what advice he'd give Charlie Strong. "It's not easy being a child of a head football coach," Snyder said in regard to Strong's family, obviously calling back on his own experiences.

Few questions, relatively, for Snyder, but one of the longest sessions of the event due to the length of his answers. This was possibly one of the most open Media Days sessions of Snyder's career, as you can see.

Also, you can see Jake Waters rockin' the accessories: