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2014 Big 12 Football Media Days: Oklahoma Sooners

"[Oklahoma's schedule] would open the eyes of a computer, too, if it had eyes."

He wasn't Art Briles, but Bob Stoops got things off to a fine start.
He wasn't Art Briles, but Bob Stoops got things off to a fine start.
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

Bob Stoops took the stage with a purple handkerchief in his pocket, and then proceeded to be the first coach this week to open his session with the superflous mention of all the players attending Media Days.

Stoops was asked if he was going to increase tempo even more than he already has, and he responded by saying he wasn't sure there was much more he could to speed things up. He was then asked about Dorial Green-Beckham's appeal process, and said he has hopes that the appeal will be successful. Stoops seems sincere in his belief that Green-Beckham can both contribute and grow as a person, rather than just as a football player.

Asked about what would change with Aaron Colvin moving on to the NFL, Stoops said he didn't expect much to change, implying Colvin's place would be taken by someone who can handle the job.

Charlie Strong was the next topic, as they worked together at Florida. "I gotta be careful, I can't wish him too much luck," Stoops said, referencing the fact that his old friend is now his chief rival.

Stoops was asked about Trevor Knight protecting himself on the field, and said the staff has been telling him to get out of bounds and slide.

The next question was probably the only kicker question we'll get this week, as Stoops was asked to talk about Michael Hunnicutt. He expects Hunnicutt to be an All-American.

Stoops was asked how he stands on the compensation issue. "I've always been in favor of the cost of attendance," Stoops said, and then mentioned other things like transportation home. Obviously he's pro-player.

Blake Bell came up, and Stoops said "Not at all" when asked if he'd see any snaps at quarterback this year. Stoops characterized him as a natural tight end. Following up, he was asked about Baker Mayfield and whether Stoops thought he should be immediately eligible as a walk-on, and he pretty firmly agreed with that premise.

"They weren't that big", Stoops said when asked about losing his three "big" running backs from last year, and said he was going to replace them with "three bigger guys".

Stoops was, as so many other coaches, asked about the schedule and what he thought that would mean for the playoff selection committee. "[Oklahoma's schedule] would open the eyes of a computer, too, if it had eyes," Stoops quipped. Naturally, for Oklahoma, this isn't the problem it is for the rest of the league, as their non-conference schedule is robust. And also, because they're Oklahoma.