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2014 Big 12 Football Media Days: Texas Tech Red Raiders

"We've gotta be able to take the top off."

Rapid-fire: Kingsbury was off the stage in less than ten minutes.
Rapid-fire: Kingsbury was off the stage in less than ten minutes.
Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Spo

Before Kliff Kingsbury took the stage, Kenny Williams was interviewed out in the hallway about his conversion to a two-way player. He'll be seeing action at both running back and linebacker, which will be a story to follow in 2014.

Each coach was asked for opening thoughts. Kingsbury flat bypassed that, asking for questions straight away. He was immediately asked about Nigel Bethel, and said it's being handled internally, and that's all he had to say about it.

Asked about how Tech would replace Jace Amaro, Kingsbury basically said he can't. Tech will have to rely more on their wide receivers. "We've gotta be able to take the top off."

The defense will be more coherent, Kingsbury thinks, with the continuity in the defensive staff.

Kingsbury was asked about Patrick Mahomes, and noted that other than Davis Webb that's Tech's only scholarship quarterback, and thus has to be ready. He then talked more about Webb, in response to a direct query; he expressed pride in Webb's growth and his lack of complaint last year.

Asked about his own growth in the job, he acknowledged it's a challenge. "You've got to provide the stability, especially when things aren't going well."

Next was a question about the Holiday Bowl victory, which he characterized as a lesson for the squad: keep working, good things will happen.

Kingsbury was then asked about blocking Baker Mayfield's transfer; his answer was short, pinning it on the rules.

Next was a question about the longevity of coaches in the league, and how much pride Kingsbury took in that. "You have to bring your A-game."

Kingsbury, as with Briles, faced the schedule question. Like Briles, he leaned on the toughness of the conference slate.

Asked again about Bethel, but only in the sense of football, Kingsbury expressed some uncertainty about what Bethel would bring to the table once his suspension ends.

Finally, Kingsbury was asked about the Baylor game at AT&T Stadium and whether that would return to being a home-and-home. Kingsbury said he hopes the neutral site game continues, which was an interesting revelation.

Kingsbury's session was by far the shortest, clocking in at nearly five minutes less than even Gundy's. Maybe everyone wanted to get the heck out of the banquet room and go eat lunch, which come to think of it is a capital idea. We'll be back tomorrow with recaps of the other five coaches' media sessions.