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2014 Big 12 Football Media Days: Oklahoma State Cowboys

"I felt like Britney Spears, walking in here today with all the cameras."

Those shades tho
Those shades tho
Richard Rowe-USA TODAY Sports

The first salvo at Mike Gundy was asking him the ever-present pre-season question: what's the quarterback situation? Gundy mentioned nobody but J.W. Walsh, so there shouldn't be any surprises.

Gundy was next asked about the APR sanctions and the lost practice time. Gundy said that his team hadn't actually been using their full allotment in recent years anyway, so he didn't expect it to be too much of an issue.

Gundy was asked about the absence of Devon Thomas from the Cowboy roster, but gave no details other than to say that if someone's not on the roster, they aren't on the team.

After a couple of rote and uninspired answers to questions about individual players, including mentioning that he feels Tyreke Hill needs 15-20 touches a game, Gundy was asked about taking on Florida State right out of the gate with a very young team. "Motivation is there," Gundy said, and added they were looking forward to the challenge.

Asked about playing in Dallas, Gundy pointed to the 70-some players on the Cowboy roster from Texas and said that Oklahoma State basically considers that to be in-state recruiting.

Gundy was asked about a potential blueprint for using Hill. Basically, he's not sure yet, but the plans are coming together.

Next was a question about his career at Oklahoma State and any reflections he might have. "I felt like Britney Spears, walking in here today with all the cameras... my first year, I think a lot of people thought I worked at the hotel."

He revisted the quarterback question, and was then asked about preparation and his young players; both answers were vanilla.

Gundy was asked about possibly changing defensive schemes, potentially using more defensive backs. He pointed out the Cowboys are a bit thin at safety, so that wasn't likely, though not out of the question.

Surprisingly, Gundy's session was even shorter than Charlie Weis's by a couple of minutes. Despite that, Gundy may have provided more real information about his team than the previous three coaches.