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Daniel Sams to transfer from K-State

It was always a maybe. Now it's official. But #LiFE must go on.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

In a report Monday night, D. Scott Fritchen of reports that Daniel Sams will transfer from K-State at the end of the spring semester. According to Fritchen, confirmation came from Sams' mother, Sherrell Griffin.

Griffin says they are still waiting for the official release. There is no word right now on a potential landing spot. Sams has already used his redshirt and has two years of remaining eligibility. If he chooses to transfer to another FBS school, he will have to sit out a year.

This is a move that has been rumored since Jake Waters took the field for the Wildcats last fall. Sams seemed to take it in stride as the team struggled for an identity through most of last season, bouncing between the two quarterbacks sometimes several times a game. As the season wore on, Sams' snaps decreased, but his attitude in public was one of the ultimate team player. He seemed immensely supportive of the team and of Waters, with sideline high fives and chest bumps and even the occasional buddy photo op.

It seemed too good to be true, and it was. As quoted in Fritchen's article, Griffin says Sams asked for his release in a face to face meeting with Coach Bill Snyder last Friday:

"He loves Coach Snyder and loves the school and everything it stands for," she said, "but he wasn't playing football. He wasn't playing and wasn't able to perfect what he was doing. He's used to playing the entire game and winning ballgames. When he felt that he wasn't being productive and helping his team go forward he was just ready to move on."

In his short time here, Sams has become a beloved part of the K-State family. It is extremely unfortunate to see him go, but without a concrete role on the field, it's easy to imagine the frustration he must feel. Sams has always showed great passion in everything he's done on the field and has been an excellent human being off the field as well. It would be a shame to see all that potential go to waste sitting on our bench.

Good luck, Daniel. I hope I speak for all of us at BOTC when I say, go forward and live #LiFE.