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K-State Slate: 12.27.13

More features than you can shake a Buffalo Wild Wing at.

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Previously, not on BotC: I answered questions for Yahoo's MaizenGoBlue blog. Also, Maize n Brew got around to looking at the Wildcat special teams.

Previously on BotC: Silence. Sweet, sweet silence. What do you mean, "calm before the st--"

Later on BotC: Oh, just a piece on betting lines for tomorrow's game, Kicking the Tires, Depth Chart Analysis, FEPO, staff predictions, an event preview with TV schedule, and a preview of Saturday's game against Tulane including your introduction to Jevon Thomas. Yep, we're lazy around here.

Also, there probably will be a special Saturday Slate tomorrow, breaking from usual practice, as there's sure to be lots of stuff to cover.


We've got profiles of various players out the ying-yang today, folks. Kellis Robinett talks about John Hubert and his effort to stay positive in an up-and-down year. Notably, Kellis points out that K-State is 6-1 when Hubert gets at least 15 carries, 1-4 otherwise.

More from Robinett: Daniel Sams is still willing to move to another position, and Jack Cantele and Keenan Taylor are out for the bowl game. Also, there's one place the team hasn't eaten yet this week: Buffalo Wild Wings.

Robinett also reports that Devin Gardner has been ruled out and freshman Shane Morris will start at quarterback for Michigan.

Kevin Haskin has more on Sams discussing a move.

Some things from Ken Corbitt: Ty Zimmerman is back and ready to go, and Cody Whitehair is making tremendous progress in his sophomore season.

Our local guys aren't the only journalists cranking out profile pieces. Zach Buchanan of azcentral has a profile of Tyler Lockett, and also mentions Travis Britz and the school blocked-kick record. And the Toledo Blade's Rachel Lenzi looks at K-State's walk-on studs, specifically Mueller, B.J. Finney, and Randall Evans.

Mark Snyder of the Detroit Free Press also has a piece on Lockett, He's also got his take on the big news of the day, originally reported by's Bruce Feldman: although Michigan was claiming Devin Gardner had turf toe, the reality is that he broke his foot against Ohio State. Hey, at least Bill Snyder just refuses to talk about injuries rather than misleading people.

Whew. Moving on.


A take on tomorrow's Tulane/K-State game from SportsNOLA. Sadly, the words "Jevon Thomas" do not appear.


Ken Corbitt talks about K-State's banner 2013, which wasn't as good as the 2012-13 academic year but it's still pretty good. In a similar vein, the Star's Blair Kerkhoff covers Kansas City's excellent 2013, including the Royal resurgence, the Chiefs' playoff run, K-State's trophies, Mizzou's SEC East title, Northwest Missouri State's national championship, and even the Chickenhawks contributed a little something.

(Oh, that felt good to type.)

Get excited folks. It's a massive weekend, and we've got an absolute ton of content for you over the next three days. Hope your clicking finger is ready for action.