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SLATE: The calm before the storm

It’s Tuesday, so that means there’s not a lot of new things happening

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports


Both the men’s and women’s golf teams were in action yesterday, and remain on the course today.

The women had a tough start at the Dale McNamara Invitational at the Golf Club of Oklahoma on Monday, and after the start was pushed back two hours due to inclement weather, the Wildcats struggled to a 12th place (out of 13 teams) end to day one. Not all is lost though, as star freshman Remington Isaac, joined by Manon Donche-Gay and Lilly Whitley (who are competing as individuals and don’t affect the team score) finished the first day in the Top 20. Round 2 was cut short due to darkness, and resumed this morning, with Round 3 to begin immediately afterwards.

The men didn’t far much better on the first day of the Big 12 Match Play Championship, falling to the Sooners 4-1-1 despite impressive play from Tim Tillmanns (who picked up a win) and Will Hopkins (who forced a tie). It’s not a terrible loss, as the Sooners were the #1 seed and finished last spring as the national runner-up. The Wildcats will face off with West Virginia this morning, followed by Texas Tech in the afternoon session. As of posting, the Wildcats are sitting strong at 3-2-1, with two pairs through 9 holes, and the other four through 8 holes.


It will be mostly quiet for a few more hours, until Chris Klieman’s weekly press conference. But until then, Kellis Robinett has your “five things to know” as we head into Farmageddon this weekend. Bascailly, Iowa State isn’t as good as expected but their defense is solid, Skylar being healthy (as well getting a bunch of other guys healthy this past week) is a big boost to Kansas State’s chances, and will #SpecialTeamsU get to stick around for another week or can the Clones avoid the big play.