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SLATE: Sproles to College Football Hall of Fame

Yeah, we told you yesterday. We just like saying it so much, we thought we’d say it again.

Kansas State Wildcats v Missouri Tigers
Everybody, everywhere loves Darren.

Enjoy the headlines today, because with COVID-19 halting both men’s and women’s basketball, we’re going to be starving for sports news for awhile.

Darren Sproles

Yesterday, as Jon Reported, news broke of running back Darren Sproles being chosen for the College Football Hall of Fame. The athletic department writeup includes both a highlight package and video of the moment former head coach Bill Snyder delivered the news to Sproles. If you have not already partaken of this moment of Zen, we’ll wait while you go and do it.

There. Your day is better now. Sproles always had a knack for making days better.

Darren’s inclusion puts him in rare company. Of the 5.47 million individuals ever to have participated in college football, only 1,027 players and 221 coaches have been enshrined in the Hall of Fame. Sproles is only the third Wildcat to earn the honor, joining Gary Spani and Mark Simoneau. The induction ceremony will be December 7.


As already teased above, the only news of basketball for a while will concern games not played. The men’s game against Iowa State, which had been planned for Wednesday, has been postponed because K-State fell below the league-mandated minimum number of scholarship athletes available. That number, by the way, is six. We saw how playing with only six scholarship-worthy participants goes Saturday against Oklahoma State. For the Cats, we can only assume the postponement scenario arises out of a mixture of COVID-19 cases or quarantines and injuries.

Women’s basketball—which had already been on hiatus—had to postpone Sunday’s scheduled contest against Oklahoma State, as well.

The Big 12 hopes to reschedule these games. But as the postponements stack up, one could reasonably wonder whether it will be possible to find replacement dates for all of them.

What do we do when we don’t have games? Talk about sports attire. In this case, Kellis Robinett delves into the more casual look adopted by coaches in the limited capacity arenas this season. Bob Huggins is even being touted as a trendsetter. Let’s just hope Bruce doesn’t show up at the next game (whenever it is!) in an oversized quarter-zip pullover.


Jordan Smith’s tennis program made an impressive showing in the Big 12/Pac-12 Dual in Arlington, Texas, where they defeated both Utah and Texas Tech to start the season.

Now, if they can dodge COVID.