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Slate: Adaptability key to football season

There will be interruptions. Can K-State work around them?

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Kansas State
Football! It’s almost here!
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

It looks increasingly likely that K-State will, indeed, kick off a football season Saturday against Arkansas State. Some NU people from up north are suggesting K-State might be the team to adopt, since their Big 10 program has shut football down for this year.


As the improbable season approaches, JT VanGilder has set about previewing K-State’s various position units. This morning, he previewed the wide receiver corps, which should not be as big an unknown this season as last, when Malik Knowles, Joshua Youngblood, and Phillip Brooks showed they are capable targets for quarterback Skylar Thompson.

BracketCat has been doing the double-time to introduce the remainder of the roster before opening day, as well. Since yesterday’s Slate, he posted the essentials for:

Freshman long-snapper Nelson Pipes

Freshman linebacker Michael Book

Redshirt Sophomore defensive tackle Derick Newton

Redshirt Freshman quarterback Jaren Lewis


Kellis Robinett has also been gearing up for the start of the season, and he dropped a trio of articles about the Wildcats yesterday. First, he looked at the five biggest surprises of the depth chart, including the apparent emergence of 5’5 freshman running back Deuce Vaughn. He followed that with discussion of the roster unknowns Coach Klieman and his staff are facing, due to COVID-19 and other issues. Finally, he dropped his inaugural “Five things to know” article of the season, including the suggestion that tight end Briley Moore could have a big day, since Arkansas State proved incapable of slowing Memphis tight end Sean Dykes in the Red Wolves’ opener.

A K-State tight end expected to have a big day? More 2020 madness!

The athletic department gave its customary game preview in bullet-point format, noting that Saturday will mark the beginning of a truly unique season. Arne Green at the Salina Journal notes that the virus situation will necessitate ongoing adjustments. As of Friday, he says, 12 Wildcats were listed as positive for COVID-19, with another three players to be tested before Saturday’s contest.

Jonesboro, Arkansas television outlet KAIT previewed the game from the Red Wolves’ perspective with video from their coaching staff.

Fans of Northwestern University are looking to adopt a temporary fan allegiance for the season, since the Big 10 has canceled football for Fall 2020. If you’re already purple wildcats, the transition to cheering on K-State should be easy. (You thought it was going to be Nebraska, didn’t you? Don’t lie.)


Mike Dibbini’s squad had planned to open conference play Friday, but two positive coronavirus tests among Texas Tech’s squad nixed those plans. No make-up date has been announced.


K-State Sports Extra features 7-foot freshman Davion Bradford, who asked the K-State coaches even before he committed what little things he could do to improve his game. In high school, he seldom matched up with players big enough to guard him effectively. He relishes the chance to match up with 6-10 transfer Kaosi Ezeagu in practice. COVID permitting, it should be fun to watch the young talent of this Bruce Weber squad develop.