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SLATE: More K-State football players test positive for COVID-19

What does this mean for the season opener?

Rutgers is nowhere near Tampa.
Excitement, you say?
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

This is yet another “soooo 2020” day. There is only a tiny smidgen of K-State sports news, and it’s bad news. The Mercury reports that the football team has ten active cases of COVID-19. This is, at best, a case of colossally bad timing. At worst, it’s...well, we don’t want to think about the worst-case scenario.

We don’t know which players are impacted or when they were diagnosed. Given the typical two-week isolation order, it is impossible to know how many of the 10 will be available for the September 12 season opener. In any case, you now have another unneeded reason to hate 2020.

At ten (plus one) days and counting to kickoff, BracketCat reminded us of the smallest Wildcat: kicker Blake Lynch. In the eleven (plus one) slots, he introduced McPherson’s Cody Stufflebean and Manhattan’s Derek Bowman.

To put a little dab of cheer back on the day, ESPN named its fifteen most exciting college football players, and a K-State guy made the cut. Can you guess who without looking?

Speculation topics for Open Thread Tuesday: When will life return to some semblance of the old normal? Will we still be questioning the safety of school and sports in the Fall of 2021?

(The “cheer” just got sucked right back out of the room, didn’t it? Sorry for that.)