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Slate: Limited capacity approved for K-State home football games

Expanded beer sales, too.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Kansas State
Joshua Youngblood socially distances himself from would-be OU defenders.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Not much news today. But some, of the optimistic variety.


BracketCat’s countdown is winding down. Just have to survive another twenty-two (plus 3) days of pandemic panic to reach opening day, when with a little luck and a lot of grace, we will get to see Daniel Green continue his evolution as an impact linebacker for the Wildcats.


K-State announced yesterday that the Riley County Commission gave approval for football games this Fall in Bill Snyder Family Stadium at 25% of capacity. The lucky few fans in attendance will be required to wear face coverings. Tailgating will not be allowed, but alcoholic drinks will be available for purchase in all general seating areas of the stadium. If it actually materializes, a college football season stripped of much of the pomp of game day will be a strange sight to behold.

In a meeting with the media yesterday, Coach Van Malone spoke about various players and the team’s adjustments to the pandemic, and Harry Trotter, Wyatt Hubert, and Noah Johnson discussed the team’s progress and the affect of missing 15 practices due to quarantine and a team-wide shutdown after an early outbreak (, transcript).

Kellis Robinett focused his attention on safety protocols for the football players as students return to campus, with Wyatt Hubert saying he believe’s K-State is handling the situation the best way possible.

Finally, in what is undoubtedly a harbinger of things to come for other universities, the University of North Carolina moved all classes online yesterday after 130 additional students tested positive for COVID-19, running the university-wide total to 324 (279 students and 45 staff members) since February. The university currently has 177 students in isolation and 349 in quarantine. Classes had been in session for roughly a week.

Stay safe, everybody.