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SLATE: Post-holiday Monday blues

We thought New York was complaining about fireworks?
We thought New York was complaining about fireworks?
Photo by Lev Radin/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images

We hope everyone survived their Independence Day weekend without any grill mishaps, exploded fingers, or being murdered by vicious aliens. It was a slow weekend around Kansas State, aside from a small peaceful protest on campus with students reiterating demands related to racial equality and safety.

BracketCat dropped #63 and #62 in this year’s countdown over the weekend, namely offensive linemen Ben Adler and Dawson Delforge. Over in the historical countdown since the last time we checked in here in the Slate, coach833 churned through numbers 68-62, which means there are a couple of K-State legends in the mix. Check all seven of those FanPosts out.

Other than that, we’ve got nothing this morning. How was your weekend? Did you encounter any new and interesting grub, or try something new on the grill?