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SLATE: Contemplating the ten best individual sports performances in K-State History

Askia Jones
Askia Jones sighting

Let’s make this quick because 1) there isn’t that much to discuss, and 2) time is an ever-precious commodity as we contemplate how best to resume school during a burgeoning pandemic.


The big news yesterday was the commitment of 2021 linebacker prospect Gaven Haselhorst from Hays, Kansas. Our own Drew Schneider weighed in: Under-the-radar or not, he’s excited about this one. Kellis Robinett covered the commitment for the Kansas City Star, noting that K-State was the first Division I school to offer Haselhorst a scholarship and reeled him in after only a few days.

Our ears are burning because the shysters down the road are talking about us again. Rock Chalk Talk took a deep dive into K-State football in podcast form, apparently concluding the discussion questioning whether KU-KSU will be close? Not “whether KU will win?” Curious.

Collegian columnist Adam Meyer has high hopes for the Skylar Thompson to Joshua Youngblood passing connection this season. So do we, Adam. So do we.


Greg Woods at the Mercury recounted Head Coach Suzie Fritz’s favorite game she ever coached: the 2011 NCAA Tournament win over No. 2 Nebraska. No argument here.

Fun Stuff

Over at the Eagle, Kellis Robinett counted down his version of the ten best individual performances in K-State history. You would probably expect to see names like Beasley, Sproles and Lockett on the list. But you will also take a trip on the way-back machine to Dick Knostman’s 42-point, 23 rebound performance against Oklahoma in 1953. And Kellis’s number one comes from a basketball era that predates Coaches Weber, Martin and Huggins.

Anyone spot any outrageous omissions from the list? Can you make a case for other performances that should be included?