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So...stuff happened at K-State

Also, college sports continue to grapple with Covid19.

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NCAA Football: Iowa State at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

The situation in Manhattan is not ideal right now, and I think we are united in wishing that it had never happened. Nevertheless, here we are. A Kansas State student tweeted an inappropriate and insensitive message. The reaction to the tweet was rapid and predictable, with school administrators denouncing it in strong terms, and with many students, including prominent student-athletes, demanding expulsion of the tweeter. The university is reviewing its options.

AMS wrote a summary of the situation and offered an explanation on free speech on campus and the limits on the university’s power to sanction the student.

— Lost in this fracas was the news that Kansas State football was involved in an important effort on Friday. The staff spent the day in online meetings helping football players register to vote.

In other news, Kansas State and other schools continue to grapple with the Covid19 pandemic.

— Following the confirmation of 14 positive cases on the football team and the suspension of voluntary workouts, athletic director Gene Taylor is less confident that schools will be able to complete a 12-game season.

Riley County is experiencing a spike in Covid19 cases, possibly due to young people frequenting Aggieville and the lack of proper social distancing in the 18-24 age group. A few Aggieville businesses had to close shop temporarily after employees tested positive. This also does not augur well for college football.

Other teams have also cancelled voluntary workouts, including Boise State and, significantly, Houston. Texas has seen a major surge in coronavirus cases and Governor Abbott has since ordered the closure of bars and scaled restaurant occupancy back to 50%.

Clemson announced that 14 football players have tested positive for Covid19 in the school’s second wave of testing. That’s in addition to the 23 players who tested positive earlier. The school says a total of 43 student-athletes across sports have tested positive, although none have required hospitalization.

— Iowa State, reporting only four positive cases so far, believes the season will begin as scheduled and has sold out tickets with the anticipation of 50% capacity at Jack Trice Stadium. In contrast, Iowa—already reeling from non-Covid19 problems in the program—has halted ticket sales in response to rising coronavirus cases.

But there’s good (or at least interesting) Kansas State news too:

Distance runner Ethan Powell will be going to law school in the fall and hopes to be a public defender. He’ll be going to school at Colorado where he will run cross-country for the Buffs. Powell recently received a Prentice Gautt Postgraduate Scholarship, which will allow him to continue his academic and athletic career.

— FInally, we check in with Bill Snyder, who appears to be settling into the retired life. Like many in his position, he’s taking time to clean out all the things he’s collected over the years “like a pack rat.” He also continues to mentor and advise and hopes his 16 Goals have made an impact on young people.

Have a good weekend, all. I’ll leave you with these words of wisdom from a former Wildcat that felt particularly appropriate to the moment: