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All sports, all the time

But with a side of global pandemic, just for good measure.

NCAA Football: Iowa State at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports


We inch ever closer to the (probable) start of Kansas State’s 2020 football campaign. Indeed, according to BracketCat, we’re just Hillard Cozine (#86) days away from kickoff.

Indeed, with the school announcing that fall semester will include in-person lectures and start a week earlier than planned, a normal college football season seems almost certain. Similar plans have been made at nearly every institution across the college football landscape, even for Pac-12 schools.

Kansas State football is taking a cautious approach as student-athletes return to campus.

Riley County is currently requiring relaxed social distancing and allowing gatherings of up to 100 people. This means that workouts on campus should be just fine. The football players are really excited about even this slight return to normalcy. However, the school has discouraged the players from gathering in big groups before workouts begin, and most football players have just been practicing on their own or with their roommates.

— University president Richard Myers said football will happen and there will be fans at Bill Snyder Family Stadium this fall. What that will look like is anybody’s guess at this point, however.

— The school confirmed that—as of June 11, no student-athletes have tested positive for COVID-19. All the results are from PCR testing which is considered more accurate. One athlete did test positive using the less-accurate antibody test, but also tested negative with PCR. The athletic department will continue to test athletes as they return to campus and adopt a rigorous test-and-trace policy along with isolation and health management for students who test positive.

— The University of Houston was not so fortunate. The school suspended all workouts after six student-athletes tested positive. The city of Houston is now a hotspot for COVID-19 as Texas struggles with a second wave of infections. This could have repercussions for other college football programs in the area.

Two players at Texas have also tested positive for coronavirus, but that might not be the program’s biggest issue as it rounds into the season. Several athletes at the school, including several football players, are demanding certain changes from the administration before they participate in workouts or in recruitment of future Longhorns, including removal of “The Eyes of Texas” as the school song.

— Given Oklahoma State’s recent basketball penalties, will Donovan Williams be motivated to leave and come to K-State? Kellis Robinett doesn’t think so, but what do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Happy weekend, all!