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SLATE: Catching up after a rough weekend

Yes, we’ve been absent. Sorry about that.

Let’s hope we see a lot of this in 2020-21.
Let’s hope we see a lot of this in 2020-21.
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Because of circumstances surrounding the protests which started last week in Minneapolis (where our own wildcat00 lives) before spreading like wildfire across the country, getting the Slate out for you has understandably been a low priority the last few days. We apologize, but — specifically over the weekend, which 00 usually handles — sports was decidedly a lesser concern for many of our staff members.

We should be back on track this week, however.

Don’t miss Drew’s piece on how North Dakota State’s run of great quarterbacks portends well for Kansas State‘s future prospects at the position, and you’ll also want to be sure to welcome summer by noticing that the Countdown is back. BracketCat emerged from his hedgehog hole late last night to bring you #97, defensive end Nate Matlack.

During our hiatus, you may have missed K-State getting a commitment on Saturday from Joshua Youngblood’s high school teammate, wide receiver RJ Garcia, K-State announcing Friday that women’s basketball will host Kentucky as part of this year’s Big 12/SEC Challenge, and UTEP transfer Kaosi Ezeagu receiving an NCAA waiver on Thursday allowing him to play immediately for the Wildcats.

We hope you all — especially those living in large metro areas — stay safe out there.