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SLATE: An actual news Monday

Well, this is sort of weird, innit?

Levi Stockard has a new home.
Levi Stockard has a new home.
Photo by Justin Tafoya/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

We just don’t know what to do with ourselves here at BotC World Headquarters today. The football staff will be reporting into their offices at Vanier today, and there’s real honest-to-gosh Kansas State Wildcats news to report on this fine Monday morning.

First, news from Richmond, Va. as Levi Stockard has found his landing spot after announcing his transfer away from Bramlage. Virginia Commonwealth announced that they had acquired Stockard’s services in a press release yesterday. You remember them. They’re the school that went from the First Four to the Final Four in 2011, knocking off those chickens down the river on the way. That, in turn, led to a Bleacher Report writer crying about how VCU had ruined the tournament forever and ever by giving people ammunition to demand a 128-team field, a take which has aged like Limburger.

As reported first by GPC then verified by Ryan Black at the Mercury, Wildcat tight end Sammy Wheeler was arrested this weekend on a trio of charges. None of them would serious enough to warrant more than running extra stairs even under Bill Snyder, so don’t make too much of it. (The charges: fake ID, underage drinking, trying to deceive the popo.) What we’re getting at here is: don’t sweat it.

Josie Halblieb of Sun Prairie, Wisc., committed to the Suzie Fritz and the Cats back on May 5. Jeff Seisser of the Sun Prairie Star has a (very) little bit about K-State’s new 6’2” setter.

In today’s Sports Extra, Austin Siegel takes us back to 1983 when Lon Kruger, the new head coach at Pan American (now UT-Rio Grande Valley), returned to Manhattan to help Jack Hartman whip Team USA into shape for the Pan American games... which is how Michael Jordan ended up spending a week at Ahearn.

And that, friends, is that. How’s your Monday? Everything copacetic?