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Slate: MittieCats Pick Up Grad Transfer

Plus a few other odds and ends

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl - Oregon v Kansas State

We’ve got something new for you at BotC. What started out as a random discussion among the BotC staff has turned in to actual, real-live #content for you all to enjoy. We decided to go through current and former conference foes and pick five former players/coaches/alums that we don’t hate (yes, we’ll even do KU!). We started things off with the Baylor Bears, and in the process made a somewhat surprising discovery.


The women’s basketball is no stranger to the transfer market, and after junior guard Alisa Wiggins announced on Monday that she was leaving the program, Mitte went shopping and has come home with a grad-transfer guard late of Texas Tech by the name of Sydney Goodson. For Goodson, originally from Argyle, TX, the Wildcats will be her third collegiate home after beginning her career at Arizona State before transferring to Texas Tech for her sophomore and junior seasons. Goodson was a regular starter for the Lady Red Raiders before getting injured part-way through the Big 12 slate this season.

Bruce Weber has known for a while that he would be bringing in a bunch of new faces for 2020, but even with that knowledge it’s still been a bit surprising, and now with eight new players expected, it puts the “reset” of the program officially above the one in 2015 when seven new players, including Barry Brown, Kamau Stokes, and Dean Wade, joined the

Wildcat program following the mass exodus headlined by Marcus Foster’s dismissal.

Jon Johnston, editor of SBNation’s Nebraska site Corn Nation, spoke with an epidemiologist and an infectious disease doctor for their latest podcast, hoping to get some clarity on the possible return of football this fall. And the answers are not pleasant.

Oh, and thanks to the many of you who voted in the SBNation FanPulse March Madness Poll, the 2020 SB Nation FanPulse National Championship is:
The Gonzaga Bulldogs

SBNation FanPulse Bracket Gonzaga Champions


You might have already seen this, but students with the Digital Fabrication club at K-State were able to take some 3D printers home and are putting them to use in the fight against the coronavirus, making K-State-themed face shields that they are distributing to area hospitals and care centers. You can help, too! If you happen to have transparency sheets (or access to some), contact Dean of Architecture Tim de Noble.

It’s the end of an era. Tonight, Wednesday, April 8th at 7pm GOTZ, ABC’s Modern Family will air it’s series finale. It’s run of 11 seasons, starting in 2009, brought big fame to K-State alum Eric Stonestreet, and he used his platform on both the show and the publicity it brought to boost the profile of his Alma Mater. Thanks Eric! Now go have fun being part-owner of the Royals (when baseball resumes), and whatever new projects you get to work on.