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SLATE: Cats land a top-30 JUCO point guard

Meanwhile, two Cat transfers announce their new homes.

Speculation is that David Sloan may be on the way out, however.
Speculation is that David Sloan may be on the way out, however.
William Purnell-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations. If you’re reading this, you have now survived four weekends of “OMG WHERE IZ MAH SPROTS.”

If you’re not reading this, we assume you’re dead.

There’s actual news in Manhattan this morning, as Bruce Weber got the scholarship flotilla back up to 13 for Kansas State‘s 2020-21 campaign with the signing of JUCO point guard Rueadale “Rudi” Williams from Northeastern Oklahoma A&M. (That’s about 30 miles from BotC World Headquarters, if you were wondering. Williams tweeted his announcement, and Kellis Robinett reported on the matter, as well as what it means.

As Robinett notes, the Wildcats are still in pursuit of Donovan Williams, yet they have no scholarship to offer him at the moment. That may change, though. Robinett also mentions something that’s been getting kicked around in other places: David Sloan may be on the way out after a season in which he didn’t get as much action as he’d have liked. If that happens, and the Cats land Donovan Williams, it will be a wash for 2020-21 as far as scholarship numbers, but will reduce the number available in 2021-22 by one as Rudi Williams has two years remaining.

There were too many Williamses in that paragraph.

Robinett also reported on the destination of two Wildcat transfers, as Nigel Shadd is heading for Arizona State while James Love III is on his way to Eastern Michigan. Best of luck to those guys.

In other news, the Associated Press put together its list of the greatest one-and-done players in college basketball since, well, the creation of one-and-dones. It’s only a six-man team, and — via the Dubuque Telegraph-Herald — the AP’s Steve Megargee provides that team. It includes a Wildcat, and by saying that you obviously know it’s Michael Beasley. He’s joined by some other guys you may have heard of: Anthony Davis, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, Greg Oden, and Zion Williamson.

Finally, Slam’s Arvind Pitchai travels down memory lane with yet another reminiscence of what is arguably the greatest K-State basketball game ever: Wildcats 101, Musketeers 96.

Wash your hands, wear a mask in public, and stay safe, everyone. We heart you.