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Weekend check-in

Looking ahead to fall sports is both fraught and hopeful

USA - National Bio and Agro Defense Facility Groundbreaking at Kansas State University Photo by Mark Reinstein/Corbis via Getty Images


Staying home all the time is beginning to feel like the new normal, and given the circumstances, I’m not sure this is a good thing.

Hopefully, you’re all coping about as well as possible with our current circumstances. We still don’t know what we don’t know, so it’s entirely possible that our current regiment of social distancing may continue into the summer. Even if we’re ultimately allowed to go to work, to be at the lake with a few others, to dine out, it’s unlikely that large gatherings are coming back any time soon.

That raises the possibility that the fall season of the college athletic calendar, and particularly college football, may not happen in 2020. At least one name associated with Kansas State, former president Jon Wefald, thinks the season is lost if there is no vaccine in place by July. Then again, our current situation is in a state of such constant flux that it’s impossible to make any credible predictions 3-4 months out.

The NFL, still pretending nothing has changed, expects to begin its season as scheduled. That plan received support from President Trump this week. But as Dr. Fauci noted, “[y]ou don’t make the timeline, the virus makes the timeline.” The 2020 NFL Draft will continue as scheduled, but will be conducted virtually.

Closer to home, the coronavirus has had an obvious impact on Kansas State student athletes, particularly on those from outside the United States. For example, seven of the eight players on Kansas State’s tennis team are from Europe, and when their spring season was cancelled, only two players (Rosanna Maffei and Lilla Barzó) were able to return home, with four other players staying in Manhattan to wait out the virus.

Meanwhile, if you want to stay caught up with your favorite Wildcats, there’s always TikTok.

Wildcat Watch Party!

Today, at 1 PM GOTZ, we will be watching arguably the greatest win in Kansas State football history, as Kansas State takes on the Nebraska Cornhuskers circa November 1998. Watch details and the game thread will be up shortly.


One consequence of being home is that I’m now cooking many, many more meals than I would in normal circumstances. My kid, who almost never eats, is now hungry almost every hour (which is a function of boredom as much as actual hunger, I suspect).

So between breakfast snacks, lunch, and dinner, I’m heartily sick of my own cooking, and I’m sure everyone who lives with me is as well. (Yes, takeout is an option, but I also have a pantry full of supplies I would like to use up).

So if you have recipes, shortcuts, or just sanity-preserving tips you’d like to share, you know what to do!