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SLATE: Open Thread Friday

There’s literally only one new thing to report.

You remember this guy. He’s the head coach at St. Mary’s now.
You remember this guy. He’s the head coach at St. Mary’s now.
Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

You’d think, it being Friday and all, we’d at least have some solid non-revenue content to sling your way in the absence of any new information about, say, Kansas State football or basketball.

That’s a big fat nope, largely thanks to Drew, who got a head start on it yesterday.

We will, however, remind you that the BatCats start a big road series tonight at Stanford, who reached the Super Regionals last year. Tonight’s game is at 8:00pm, but you’ll have to visit Stanford’s web site to watch. Otherwise, it’s KMAN or for the audio.

Meanwhile, Scott Retzlaff checks in with a former Wildcat in today’s Sports Extra: St. Mary’s High School head coach Will Spradling.

That’s really all we have for you today, since we don’t really feel like paying any attention to the whining emanating from down the river. So we’ll spin up the magic open thread machine by keying in the code for an old question:

With the Pac-12 starting to rumble, who should the Big 12 try to add?