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SLATE: COVID-19 finally hits K-State

A journalism professor is in the ICU.

You know, if you can.
You know, if you can.
Photo by Oliver Berg/picture alliance via Getty Images

On March 4, Andrew Smith boarded a flight to London. Smith, a journalism professor at Kansas State Wildcats and news director of the school’s television station, visited the capital of the United Kingdom with his family and a group of K-State students as part of a study-abroad program.

One day later, K-State issued a travel ban to affected countries. It was a day too late.

Last weekend, Smith returned home with his family, already not feeling well; upon arrival he went straight home without coming into contact with anyone, and visited Ascension Via Christi on March 17. He had been self-isolating last week, but on Friday his test results came in positive.

Over the weekend, his condition worsened, and he is now in the intensive care unit at Ascension.

His family, and the students who went on the trip, remain isolated.

This news is especially meaningful for our former colleague Greg Woods, who knows Professor Smith. Obviously, having this pandemic hit home and being able to put a face on it carries a great deal of weight. Some of you have already mentioned knowing people who are affected, even here in the midwest; imagine living in New York or Los Angeles. It’s a rough time, and it’s going to get more nerve-wracking over the course of this week.

(Stories: Jason Tidd at the Eagle, Hailey Dixon at the Mercury)

In other news, Kellis Robinett dives into how the virus is affecting recruiting for the football team and what creative means the staff is using to deal with the issue.

Hang in there, folks.