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Slate: What’s your Work From Home horror story?

Let’s all commiserate with each other by sharing our horror stories from working from home.

Kansas State v Kansas
This is Kansas State’s Work From Home Horror Story.
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So how’s everyone doing today? Everyone holded up at home working? My wife got sent home yesterday to WFH, so that’s been an exciting development here. Let’s dive into our adventures of setting up two people to work from home.

Our adventure begins with a text message recieved from perviously mentioned wife saying she is coming home early to set up for WFH beginning tomorrow (today now). “Not a problem, I’ll need run to my office and grab a desktop tower so you can use the laptop” I respond. This also provided me an excellent excuse to grab a second monitor allowing me to have dual monitors (ah the things we take for granted).

Fast forward to this morning approx. 9 am. I begin to set up my office computer at home. Wife has already been on a conference call, and laments to me that “Becky” our made up office mate here at home makes a ton of noise. I agree that Becky is extremely loud and ought to work on that character flaw. Quickly all cords are plugged into the correct spots, both monitors on and I fire up the computer.

Computer loads no problem, just like at the office. “So far, so good” I think to myself, First step is to complete the dual monitor set up which goes off without a hitch. Now it’s time to begin work. Lauching IE (Yes we operate on IE, yes my company is in the stone-age, yes it’s a pain in the ass) I immediately realize I forgot to sign into the wifi.....Only the desktop doesn’t have wifi.....which makes me realize that I need an ethernet run across my living room.....some 30ish feet away to my was at this moment I realized just how little work I was going to accomplish this morning.

Fast forward to 1 pm. I finally have internet access after an enterprising friend put together a 40 ft ethernet cord from his over 1,000 ft of ethernet cord he has lying around his home, and strewning said cord through my livingroom. We’ll have to come up with a better set up in the coming days.

So with my story in mind, and with little other to talk about today, let’s read your work from home horror stories. A free one year subscription to Bring on the Cats for the person with the best story.

Stay safe everyone....and wash your hands.

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