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Slate: Ugly Win is a Win

The Wildcats beat the Mavericks, and hopefully shook off some rust in the process.

NCAA Basketball Tournament - Second Round - Charlotte
Sorry Selton, we have no pictures of you.


The Kansas State Wildcats came out on top last night against the visiting Mavericks from Omaha, but it wasn’t pretty. As Luke Sobba pointed out in last night’s recap, extremely poor shooting nearly doomed the Cats, but in the end it was a clutch 3pt-shot from the wing by Selton Miguel that put the Wildcats over the top. Over at the KC Star, Kellis Robinett saw encouraging signs on defense in his “What we Learned” post.

Next up for the Wildcats is a tilt against TCU in Manhattan after the start of the new year. Luke Thompson had TCU’s men’s basketball SID Steven Schoon on Bring on the PodCats to discuss K-State and TCU and a few other fun things. Steven talked about the final game of the 2019-2020 season back in March, and how that next 24 hours transpired, and Kellis Robinett’s first question in his weekly Q&A (via the Wichita Eagle) was on the very same topic.


Over at K-State Sports, the weekly look at Wildcats in the NFL produced highlights on D.J. Reed Jr., who continues to start for the Seahawks and had a strong game against the Rams last Sunday, and Cody Whitehair, who is continuing to excel for the Bears after moving to left guard.