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SLATE: K-State soccer gets the best Christmas gift ever

And football lands a grad transfer.

We really need more pictures.
We really need more pictures.
Adam Stewart/Special to Bring on the Cats

Next fall was shaping up to be a major challenge for Kansas State‘s young soccer program. The school’s all-time leading scorer, senior Brookelynn Entz, appeared to be riding off into the sunset — leaving a grand total of three career goals on the roster for the 2021 season. That, of course, would be sub-optimal.

Now, we missed this last Wednesday because Holiday Humdrums, but we can report to you that K-State will not be returning a mere three career goals in 2021. No, K-State will be returning 18 career goals, because Entz announced that she will be returning for her special COVID-induced second senior season rather than trying to go pro this year. Entz joins Skylar Thompson in the “heart and soul of the program sticking around another year” club, for which they will both be loved forever in Manhattan.

In football news, K-State landed a grad transfer on Saturday. Timothy Horne, a defensive tackle from UNC-Charlotte, will be joining the fun next year. You can probably expect more details on this from Drew in the next week or two.

That’s all we have for you this morning, as it was a dead week for K-State Athletics, and the only event remaining in K-State’s 2020 is tomorrow’s men’s game against Nebraska-Omaha at Bramlage. We hope your Christmas was a welcome respite from this hellyear. What’d you get, hmm?