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TCU Gameday

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The battle for purple pride and much more.

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Texas Ricardo B. Brazziell-USA TODAY Sports


K-State will take on TCU at Amon Carter Stadium in Fort Worth today. Kickoff is set for 3 PM and the game will air on FOX. As always, all the deets are in Jon Morse’s HOW TO WATCH post.

All your previews right here: ESPN | CBS Sports | Wichita Eagle | Fort Worth Telegram | Frogs o’ War

With Skylar Thompson leaving the Texas Tech game hurt, true freshman Will Howard had to step in and save the day. With Thompson possibly still hobbled, Howard may have to take the reins today. Despite his inexperience, the entire playbook is available to him, and the staff is high on both his abilities and his personality. Meanwhile, the Wildcats may still get some help from Thompson, who has allegedly been taking a few practice reps this week.

On the other side of the ball, the Wildcats are struggling a bit on defense. This is both due to the unavailability of key personnel, and a lack of experience overall. Some players have stood out though, and Jaylen Pickle—who now has his own BotC fanclub—is definitely one of them.

So what can we expect from the Horned Frogs? Like Kansas State, TCU is coming off a late-game victory against Texas, keyed mostly by great play from quarterback Max Duggan, who missed much of camp this year when a previously undiagnosed heart condition was discovered during a COVID-related heart screening. Duggan’s stats so far have been eye-popping, not in magnitude but in efficiency. He’s second in the nation in completion percentage and third in deep-ball completions.

Meanwhile, TCU’s defense is—as always—consistent and a little bit scary. The front seven is solid, and against Texas, the Frogs threw in a bunch of disguised pre-snap looks that confused the offense and allowed TCU to play more aggressive man coverage on outside. Look for more of the same against the Wildcats today.

Go Cats! Beat those Frogs!


The BatCats were back in action this week in the intra-team Fall World Series. Team Grey took the first game of the series, but Team Purple evened things up with a 5-4 walk-off victory. Senior Cameron Thompson tied the game with a solo homer in the fifth inning, and Dylan Caplinger scored the winning run an inning later.

The series concludes with the final game at Tointon Family Stadium today at noon.


Things are not looking good for the Kansas State soccer team right now. Last night, the Wildcats dropped a 7-0 decision to Texas in Austin. This was the most lopsided loss in program history, as well as the most goals given up.

The Wildcats are now winless on the season. They take on Oklahoma on Friday at Buser Family Park at 5 PM.