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SLATE: Soccer falls to Cal State-Fullerton

And football notes, too

NCAA Football: Bowling Green at Kansas State
The first horseman of the EMAWcalypse.
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It’s not a sparse Monday, per se, but there’s not a huge amount of Wildcat news to wade through. We’re going to get right to it, and then let y’all get to the business of talking about CLANGA.


Yesterday, JT whipped up the week two Big 12 power rankings, and they have my stamp of approval as well.

At the Eagle, Hayden Barber offers a film study of the offensive line’s performance against Bowling Green, while Kellis Robinett provides his grades for Saturday’s performance, and a peek forward to the trip to Starkvegas.

ESPN’s Kyle Bonagura and Mark Schlabach both now think K-State’s going bowling. Bonagura has the Cats headed to the Liberty Bowl to face Ole Miss while Schlabach expects a trip to the desert to face Arizona State in the Cactus Bowl.

Over at Hustle Belt, Zackery Vannieuwenhze offers the five things he learned about Bowling Green’s loss on Saturday, including an observation about James Gilbert.


The Cats fell to 1-3-2 as they closed out their west coast trip with a 2-0 loss at Cal State-Fullerton yesterday. The key story of the game is in one stat: the Titans had six shots on goal; K-State only managed six shots, period. Next up is Gonzaga, at Buser Family Park on Thursday night.