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Practice notes and press conferences

Some things are definitely new for Kansas State football

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Hello, Wyatt Hubert. Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

We’re just 16 days from Kansas State football. BracketCat and the football roster countdown have it covered, with two #16s, defensive back Derek Bowman and wide receiver Seth Porter.

There’s a fair amount of actual football news too:

— Corbin McGuire profiles Trey Dishon and his long journey from a player with no Division I offers to a starter with All-Big 12 honors on his resume (KStateSports Extra)

— Kellis Robinett talks to Wyatt Hubert about his prospects for a breakout season and his new hairstyle (Wichita Eagle)

— Offensive coordinator Courtney Messingham had a press conference earlier this afternoon. Here are the highlights, courtesy of K-State Football (via Twitter)

— Also from K-State Football, Jordy Nelson visited football camp last night and spoke to the players (via Twitter)

— ESPN’s Bill Connelly recently tweeted out a series of charts featuring historical S&P+ over the past century for several college football teams. The Kansas State version is remarkable, and if your reaction isn’t DAYUM BILL SNYDER, we may need to reassess your purple faithfulness (via Twitter)

— Do you ever wonder exactly how much money Texas makes from college sports. The answer is A WHOLE LOT. Kansas State, though completely dwarfed by the Longhorns, is reasonably self-sufficient and profitable. (USA Today)

— All the QB1s for 2019 are ranked here. Skylar Thompson checks in at 58 (PFF)

College football is officially 150 years old this season. To mark the occasion, CBS Sports assembled the all-time All America team. A trio of all-time Wildcat greats made the list, including Terence Newman, David Allen, and Darren Sproles. Neither Martin Gramatica or Michael Bishop made the cut though (via CBS Sports)

And that’s all she wrote for this late edition of the Slate.