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SLATE: Happy Father’s Day!

Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of presents for you.

A picture is worth three words.
A picture is worth three words.
Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images

It was a pretty uneventful weekend at the news ticker, so we’re only going to have a brief little Slate for your Father’s Day enjoyment. To our readers who get to celebrate today, have a happy one.


BracketCat brings you numbers 78 and 77 on the countdown, with redshirt freshman offensive lineman Marshall Kellner on Friday and senior lineman Nick Kaltmayer on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Drew provided another dissection of a new recruit, giving us the scoop on Texas linebacker DeMarrquese Hays.

There’s K-State-related news from Arrowhead this weekend, as the Star’s Blair Kerkhoff reports that the Chiefs have signed Abdul Beecham to a tryout contract.

Lastly, Carl Bleich over at our sister site State of the U is running an overview of Miami’s 5-star recruits over the last two decades, and the most recent installment happens to include the last 5-star recruit to actually play a game for K-State: Arthur Brown.

Track and Field

On Friday, Cliff Rovelto announced 25 signings for the 2019-20 recruiting class. Rovelto managed to bring in someone for every event group, and seems pretty excited about his haul.